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Level Up

Maximize your skills with a step-up instrument!

Attention all players: level up to high performance! Better intonation, playability, and sound quality help you perform at a higher level. Save big by applying 100% of the rental payments you have already made. For example, after renting for two years, you get $720 off and can pay off the rest at $50 per month with extended financing.

Better Quality

Step-up instruments are made from higher-quality materials and offer extended playing ranges and better intonation. Plus, they’ll last through high school and college — and, if well maintained, a lifetime.

Better Sound

As a student’s technique advances, so will their ear for ideal instrumental tone. Higher-level instruments are crafted to deliver the best sound possible.

Reach Your Potential

A beginner-level instrument is made to be durable but can limit students from playing more complex music. Stepping up to a pro instrument gives them a chance to reach their full musical potential.

Years of Success

Better tone and easier playing lead to more enjoyment and improved chances of continuing success in instrumental music.

Upgrade Now
Conn 52BSP
Bach TR200S
Yamaha YSL-448GC
Conn 52HL
Bach TB200B
P. Mauriat LEBRAVO200A
Selmer SAS280R
Yamaha YAS-480C
Yamaha YTS-480C
Selmer STS280R
P. Mauriat LEBRAVO200T
Yamaha YCL-450NM
Buffet E11F
Selmer B16Prologue
Armstrong 303BOS
Powell Sonare PS55BOF
Yamaha YFL-462HY

Talk with a Sweetwater Band & Orchestra representative about special pricing on a step-up instrument today!

Hear the difference!

Still not convinced? Listen to side-by-side comparisons of student-, intermediate-, and professional-level instruments. Sweetwater Band & Orchestra’s expert instructors invite local students to play a few different instruments (from student to pro) and discuss the key benefits of stepping up your instrument.