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Music Survey

Your instrument is an extension of who you are! But when you first start out, choosing the right one can be difficult. The Sweetwater Band & Orchestra Instrument Survey can help you decide what your best match is.

You’ll be asked to evaluate:


Don’t stress over this survey, there is no way to fail it. It’s only a tool that your teacher will use to key in on your musical strengths and help you choose the instrument best suited to you!

First you’ll need to download the printable PDF to record your answers. Give this completed two-page answer form to your band director.

Download Answer Form

Now you’re ready to begin the survey! It should take about 20 minutes, and it will help if you use headphones while completing the survey.

Begin Survey

After you take the music survey, want to see and hear what it’s like to actually play these instruments? The videos below will help you get a feel for each instrument — the sound, the style, the shape. Take some time and listen to the different players. This will help you further decide your interests.